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Introduction to App Management
Article: KB0010387 Published: 04/07/2021 Last modified: 04/07/2021

As a Super user or Account owner, you can:

  • Add and configure application integrations to make the apps available for your users to access through SSO.

    You add apps on the Apps > Add Apps page. You can also configure many apps for user provisioning, if your account subscription allows it.

  • Manage all of your account’s applications from the Apps > Company Apps page.

    View the entire list of applications that your company provides for its users, and configure each app just by selecting it from the list.

  • Give your users access to apps, either individually or through Roles.

Add Apps

To add an app to your company app catalog, simply go to Applications > Applications and choose Add App.

find box

Click the app row to open the app configuration page.

add box app

Click Save. The app is now added to your company app catalog. You need to configure it and give users access to it.

Tip: There are thousands of apps in our catalog, but if you don't find the app you want, or you want to add an in-house application, you can build an application connector using Custom Connectors. You can also request that OneLogin build a new app connector by going to our request page:

Manage Apps

Your dashboard for app management is the Applications > Applications page.

company apps

Click any app row to configure the app.

If you have the Account owner or Super user privilege, you'll see all of the apps in your company catalog. If you have the Manage application privilege, you'll only see the apps you've been granted access to manage.

Manage Tabs

Organize your company applications into tabs and add apps to each tab. Tabs are conveniently listed under the Company tab. The company tab is editable and can be renamed to reflect the nature of your organization.

Assign Apps

  1. To assign apps to a tab go to Apps > Portal Tabs.

  2. Click New Tab to create a new tab. Name the tab.

  3. Click on the apps you want to associate with the tab in Select Applications for This Tab

    company apps

Configure Apps

To configure an application (set up SSO, assign users, add security policies, enable provisioning, set display preferences) just click the app on the Applications page to launch the app configuration page.

The configuration interface is not the same for every app. Apps that use form-based authentication are all configured essentially the same way. For details, see Adding a Form-based Application. Configuration for SAML-enabled apps and provisioning-enabled apps can vary quite a bit. See the app-specific configuration instructions in the App Integration section of the support site for the apps you want to configure.

Assign App Access to Users

The most efficient way to assign applications to users is to create Roles, which are buckets of apps that an identifiable group of users (the Sales department, for example) all need access to, and then assign users to those Roles. You can also assign users manually to applications on the Applications tab of the user details page (Users > All Users > select user).

Delegate App Administration

For more information about how to delegate app administration, see Delegated Administration

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