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Setting Credential Configuration Options
Article: KB0010504 Published: 06/06/2019 Last modified: 02/18/2020

OneLogin administrators have three options for configuring user credentials for an app. You set these credential configuration options on the Parameters tab when you are configuring an app for SSO:

  • Configured by end-users - Available only for form-based authentication. Select this option to allow users to enter their own credentials the first time they sign into the application. Credentials are securely stored by OneLogin and auto-injected into the sign-in page by the OneLogin browser extension every time a user accesses that app. 
  • Configured by admin - Select this option to allow the account administrator to set each user's credentials individually. This can be done manually on a per-user basis, or automatically by mapping the application field-values in the connector to corresponding user attributes. This is the default for SAML-enabled apps, since no password is required. When this option is selected, end-users cannot update credentials themselves.
  • Configured by admin and shared by all users - Select this option to allow the account administrator to configure a single set of application credentials that will be used by every user accessing the application. A sample use case is a single set of credentials for a company Twitter account that is used by multiple users. For this configuration, administrators enter one username and password for the application.

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