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Inviting Users
Article: KB0010550 Published: 09/20/2022 Last modified: 09/20/2022


When you add a user to your organization in OneLogin, you can send them a customized email inviting them to start using their OneLogin account. This article describes the customization options available as well as the process of sending invitations to individual users and in bulk.

Customizing Invitations

To view and edit the OneLogin invitation emails customized for your organization, go to Settings > Branding from your OneLogin admin portal and click Invites in the menu to the left.

Branding - Invites

There are four different emails to customize individually, depending on whether the user already has a password and whether they can receive HTML emails. We recommend that you update both the HTML and plain-text versions to ensure the consistency of your branding. All four email types are compatible with OneLogin attribute macros that you can use as value placeholders to personalize the email for your recipients with details such as their name or the directory their account was synced from.

Note: Currently, only the body of the invitation emails can be edited. Subject lines are not customizable at this time.

Inviting Users Without Passwords

Invite without password

Emails sent to new users without pre-existing passwords should include the macro {password_url} to generate a unique link to a page where the user can set their password and log in to their OneLogin portal. In order for a user to receive this version of the invitation email, they must be added to a user policy with Allow users to update their directory password enabled.

Note: An invitation link is valid for 24 hours. If the user fails to follow the link within that time, they can still set a new password by going to the login page for your organization's OneLogin user portal and clicking Forgot Password.

Inviting Users With Passwords

Invite with password

If the user already has a password stored in another directory integrated with OneLogin, like Active Directory, the invitation should instead tell the user to provide their existing password for that directory. In order for a user to receive this version of the invitation email, they must be added to a user policy with Allow users to update their directory password disabled.



Sending Invitations

Individual Users

  1. Go to Users > All Users and select the user you want to invite, then open More Actions and click Send Invitation.

    More Actions - Send Invitation

  2. In the dialogue that appears, confirm the user's email address or edit it if they don't yet have access to their company email account, then click Send.

    Send Invitation

Multiple Users

  1. Go to Users > All Users, open More Actions, and select Bulk Operations.

    More Actions - Bulk Operations

  2. Use the filters under Include Users to select the criteria for users to invite. For Operations, select either Send invitation for users who have already been activated or Activate and send invite for inactive users.

    User Bulk Operations - Send Invite

  3. A confirmation dialogue appears, summarizing the action. If many users were included in your selection, the operation may take several minutes; you can track its progress in Activity > Jobs.

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