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Customizing Email and SMS Templates
Article: KB0010550 Published: 10/27/2023 Last modified: 10/27/2023

OneLogin's fully customizable email and SMS templates are an important way to engage your users and maintain a unique and consistent experience across all of their OneLogin interactions, including invitations, notifications, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). This article goes over the basics of how to manage and customize your brand's messaging in OneLogin's branding tools.


Familiarity with HTML and CSS is strongly recommended before making changes to your email templates.



Email Styling Template

If you have a stylesheet you'd like applied to all HTML emails sent to your users from OneLogin, you can manage it in Email > Email Template. This template provides the framework that all other emails associated with this brand are inserted into.

Important: This template must contain the {{body}} macro within the HTML body; otherwise no message contents will appear.

Email Template



Message Templates

There are three areas in your brand configuration where the contents of messaging templates can be edited:

  • Email > Non-MFA Templates: For all miscellaneous email communications from OneLogin associated with this brand, such as account notifications, invitations, and password reset requests
  • Email > MFA Templates: For all registration and verification emails sent as part of email MFA
  • SMS > MFA Templates: For all registration and verification text messages sent as part of SMS MFA

To change the default language for OneLogin emails or text messages, select your preferred language in the dropdown at the top of the template manager and click Set As Default.

If a template has previously been edited, a Customized tag appears to its right and a Revert icon is available to return the template to its OneLogin default.

Important: Some SMS providers have strict legal requirements for the content of SMS message. Be sure to consult OneLogin SMS Authentication, your provider documentation, and your area government regulations before establishing your SMS templates.


Select any message to preview its contents. If you're viewing an email template, you can select another Format to view the email in HTML or Plain text. Click Send Test Email or Send Test SMS to verify the message is correctly delivered.

Use the left-facing arrow to return to the full list of templates, or select another template to the left.

Click the pencil icon to open the template editor.

Template Preview

As with template previews, you can select HTML or Plain text in the email template editor to change your message's format.

All email and SMS templates are compatible with attribute macros. When editing a template, always be sure to check the recommended macros to include, as lacking a crucial macro can cause a negative experience for your users, such as an MFA security text that's missing a security code!

When ready, Save your template and click the eye icon to return to the message preview.

Template Editor

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