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Symantec VIP Access
Article: KB0010611 Published: 12/14/2021 Last modified: 12/14/2021
Administrator Configuration
  • Go to the Settings menu and select Authentication Factors
  • Select New Auth Factor
  • Choose Symantec VIP Access and select Save
  • Add Symantec VIP Access to desired Security Policy
User Configuration
User will need to configure Symantec VIP Access for their OneLogin account.  Depending on the MFA policy, the user may be prompted to configure MFA during OneLogin authentication or can add it manually to their OneLogin profile.
*User will need to install Symantec VIP Access on their mobile device or computer
Prompted to configure during authentication
  • Sign in to OneLogin portal
  • User will be prompted to configure Symantec VIP Access


Manual configuration on user’s profile
  • Select the  icon in top right corner
  • Select Security
  • In Authentication Devices select the + icon
  • Select VIP Access
  • Enter Credential ID from mobile app, along with two sequential OTP codes

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