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Article: KB0010616 Published: 05/29/2020 Last modified: 05/29/2020

The easiest way to understand groups is to think of them as departments. Groups allow you to split your user base into smaller pieces that can be more easily managed. For example, you can use privileges to grant another user the right to manage the users within a group. Groups are used in numerous places in OneLogin, for example:

  • Filtering by group when searching for users
  • Filtering by group when performing bulk user updates
  • In conditions and actions in mappings and notifications
  • Applying security policies to groups

The screenshot below shows the group called Sales, which is managed by Scott Williams and has the members Joe HansenLinda Khan, and Bill Thompson.

Group admins

Group admins are created by granting a user the Manage group privilege. A group can be managed by multiple users, and a user can manage more than group. Once a user has the Manage group privilege, they will see the Users menu in the navigation bar, even if editing these users is not specifically in that admin’s scope.

Note: When the administrator navigates to Users > Groups, the group membership counts may be inaccurate, especially if recent changes have been made. The group count is not dynamic; it is calculated hourly. This means that the values displayed may not be correct for that particular moment in time.

Security policies

The default security policy is applied to all users by default, but can be overridden at the group level. A group's security policy applies to all users in that group, except those users who have a policy applied specifically.

Adding groups

  1. Go to Users > Groups and click the New Group button. 

  2. Add a group name and security policy

  3. Add members to the group.

    1. Go to Users > All Users and select a user.
    2. On the Authentication tab, select the group from the Group drop-down menu.
    3. Click Save.
  4. (Optional) Assign a group administrator.

    1. Go to Users > All Users and select a user.
    2. On the User Info page, click the + (New Privileges) button in the Privileges section.
    3. On the Add Privilege dialog, select Manage group from the Privilege drop-down and select the group.
    4. Click Continue
    5. Click Save User.

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