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Custom User Fields
Article: KB0010629 Published: 01/15/2023 Last modified: 01/15/2023

Your OneLogin users come with all the fields necessary for basic identity management, but sometimes there might be more information you want to store about your users. For example, if you synchronize users from Active Directory, they may have additional fields that you want to pass on other applications with SAML. With the Custom User Fields feature, you can create and name your own user parameters to best fit your organization's needs.


This feature requires the OneLogin Unlimited plan. Please see OneLogin Pricing to confirm if your plan supports Custom User Fields.

Creating a Custom User Field

  1. Sign in to your OneLogin admin portal and go to Users > Custom User Fields. Click New User Field in the top-right corner.

    Customer User Fields - New User Field
  2. Enter a Name and a Shortname for the new field and click Save.

    • The Name will be used as the text label in the user interface, so choose something memorable and easy to interpret.
    • The Shortname is used by the API to access user fields, so make sure it's consistent with any other directory or app you may be syncing with.
    New User Field

Managing Custom User Fields

  • From Custom User Fields, click on any field to update its details.
  • Use drag-and-drop to rearrange the fields' order, or click Reset Order to alphabetize them.
  • To delete a field, click X at the far-right of its entry.

Custom User Fields

Editing Users

When editing users, all of your fields appear in User Info under Custom Fields in the order that you arranged them.

User Info - Custom Fields

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