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Managing Shared App Credentials
Article: KB0010644 Published: 02/20/2019 Last modified: 02/18/2020

When an organization has applications tied to credentials, it is useful to be able to have multiple users manage those credentials without having any further configuration access to the app. OneLogin has created a new User Privilege to allow for this to happen.

Edit User Method

Under a user's Privileges tab, you'll notice the new privilege in the pull-down menu called Manage shared app credentials. This will allow you to give the user control over specific applications and whether or not they can edit the credentials from within the OneLogin application portal.

With the apps selected, the application portal will now 'grey out' the applications that are not editable when Edit Apps is selected in the upper right hand corner. In the example below, the user has access to edit Google Apps and Zendesk.

Its important to remember that in these cases, the only apps that can be edited in this situation are:

  • Person applications (on the Personal apps tab).
  • Applications with user-managed credentials.
  • Applications with shared credentials for which the user has the Manage shared app credential privilege.

Selecting an app at this point will bring up the Edit App pane where the user can then modify the shared credentials.

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